A Gift: Livestream Online Mindfulness, Poetry and Meditation Session With Emma Mills London

Hello there!

This week, February 10th 2021, our livestream group meditated on love and to celebrate Valentines I’m sharing that class here on the blog with you!

  • Pt 1. A guided mindfulness session followed by a short reading
  • Pt. 2. A short reading about love and beauty followed by a small selection of guided meditations drawing on contemplation, sound and imagination to enliven those elevated emotions.
  • Pt. 3. A snippet from our Q+A chat at the end.

Here you can find three recordings taken from the Livestream Zoom session we shared on the 10th of February (2021) on Emma Mills London.

You can join the next Meditation Online Live Stream session here

Part One: Guided Mindfulness Explorations

Part Two: A Poem + Guided Imagination Practices

A snippet from Q+A chat time at the end of class

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