What do you think of camping?

I recently went camping for the first time, outside in the wild, and out of my comfort zone.

I left the warm sparkle that is Essex and made may way, tent in toe, to an alfresco existential enquiry event in South East England. There was lots of yoga, meditation, psychology and interesting conversations about innovation in wellness.

Classes ran day and night. I had kept meaning to get up at 4am to go to the early morning yoga. Being an early bird it wasn't hard to wake up; the trouble was leaving my tent. 

The sunrise, trees, birdsong and morning dew were so beautiful that each morning, having successfuly gotten up at 4am, I'd end up sitting on my camping chair by the tent just looking around in wonder. Before I knew it, hours had flown by and I'd missed the morning yoga. This happened most days.

Here are a few snaps from last years trip:










Later that week I mentioned my poor timekeeping to the resident Yogi. He had long grey hair, a head band and looked a bit like Bon Jovi and Ghandi. As we sat by the fire he gently reminded me that simply sitting by the tent each morning was the meditation. It was the yoga.

I found it to be very true, and I continued to make up my own meditation, my own yoga, each morning.

I hope you found this shared snippet to be useful and that it sparked your curiosity about meditation.