‘T’is distance lends enchantment to the view’

Thomas Campbell, 1799

I recently came across a gorgeous and very long poem by Thomas Campbell. The first several lines made me think of the way mindfulness asks us to consider being happy with what’s right in front of us. Here’s a short snippet of his poem ‘The Pleasures Of Hope’

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. 

At summer eve, when Heav’n’s ethereal bow
Spans with bright arch the glittering hills below,
Whyto yon mountain turns the musing eye,

Whose sunbright summit mingles with the sky?
Why do those cliffs of shadowy tint appear
More sweet than all the landscape smiling near?—
‘Tis Distance lends enchantment to the view,
And robes the mountain in its azure hue.

Thus, with delight, we linger to survey
Thepromis’djoys of life’s unmeasur’d way;
Thus, from afar,eachdim-discover’d scene
More pleasing seems than all the past hath been;
And every form, that Fancy can repair
From dark oblivion, glows divinely there

Thomas Campbell, 1799, Extract taken from the poem ‘The Pleasures Of Hope’