The world as the body

While exploring the idea of change, I have been keeping an outside world diary.

I note down the changes that happen each day in my garden, and often times in my wider outside world. I often think of the outside world as anything I perceive and encounter. For example nature, people, the media, houses, pets, food etc. Keeping an outside world diary can be a helpful thing if you too often feel caught up in your thoughts. 

During my explorations of change, I spent a little extra time thinking about the body. I wondered: where does the body fit in with this change conversation?  For certain, the body is something we can observe a change in. Each day some new revelation. Each year a new way of working.   But, is the body considered to be inside, as we would think of our emotions or heartbeat, or is it considered to be outside, as we would think of the trees, the economy, and the rain?

What we think of as inner or outer is usually correlated with what we consider me or other. And the way we draw this line influences our environmental, social, personal and interpersonal relationships.

This week, I have been thinking about change.  I’d love to know what you find if you too are interested in these ideas.