Here is note from Lama Govinda, on enjoying the creativity right under your feet..

"All of us could be more creative if we would think less of the doings and achievements of our mundane life, of our personalities and our ambitions - if we thought more of the hidden forces and faculties within our selves.

We make programmes with our brains instead of using the ever present forces of the heart. We cheat ourselves with our coarse plans and trivial aims.

We do not see what is nearest to us, we do not hear the whispering voices of our heart because of the noise of our words. Our eyes are blinded by the glaring colours of daylight. Our restless life takes away our breath, our insatiable desires make our heart palpitate and cause our blood to race through our veins. Thus we do not hear the sound of other spheres, do not see the great visions, do not feel the mysterious vibrations- and the eternal stream flows past us into the infinite from whence it came."

I hope this insight from Lama Govinda roused your spirits, and provoked your interest to find out more about how you can quiet the talkative mind in favour of your creative and exciting inner guidance.

Please do share your thoughts and feedback below. I always love reading what you have to say.

Emma Mills