SLEEP: A Downloadable Meditation Class To Help You Sleep Beautifully - £10.00

Guided Meditations To Help You Sleep

Meditation is about being present. That means being both relaxed and self-aware. But what about at bedtime, when what you really want is to just switch off and fall asleep?

I created the downloadable sleep meditation class specifically to help you relax in the evening and fall asleep quicker at bedtime.

Included are 5 specific meditations and guided relaxations that I use, that are brilliant to fall asleep with. They're particularly helpful if you need a hand calming down and switching off or if your mind is racing and too busy with worries to sleep.

This is a digital guided audio meditation album 5 tracks long. You can save them to your phone, pop in your headphones and listen along while either sitting up in bed or while laying down and ready to drift off.

Many people have told me that they rarely get to the end of the album without falling asleep, which is fantastic news! 


5 guided audio tracks which you can listen to in bed at night.

Each meditation is narrated by Emma Mills and uses guided imagery, mindfulness, gentle breathing and storytelling to help you drop off easily and naturally

Helpful Information:

Once you complete your purchase, you will be get an email directing you to a new page featuring all of your audio meditations. It is best to save them onto a computer, and from there you can move them between your other devices. If you require any help or support please feel welcomed to contact us at

Due to the nature of online digital download sales, please understand that all digital download sales are final and we are unable to offer refunds.