The Essential Relaxation Kit, Guided meditations for stress, relaxation, and calm

Each meditation in the Essential Relaxation Kit has been specifically created to help you feel great and create a sense of calm in your mind and body.

With this kit to hand you can meditate for a boost before you set out into the day, or practice mid-afternoon if you want to reduce stress or take a moment to yourself at the end of the day to help you relax and enjoy your evening.

These guided meditations are both informative and deeply relaxing, which means you'll get the support and care you need to relax in the moment, and over time you'll develop the powerful skill of meditation for yourself, which you can call on in the future.


The album is divided into 5 meditations and you can listen to just one at a time, or press play and listen to them in order for a longer meditation session. The meditations draw on breathing techniques, guided meditations, music meditations and mindfulness.

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