I love the way meditation fosters creative thinking. There are many explanations for the rise in new ideas that come to those who sit quietly each day, here are just a few:

🧠 The change in your brain waves during meditation practice. Quick beta brain waves for the normal thinking mind, alpha brain waves for flow state and slower theta / delta brain waves in meditation.

💭 A decrease in activity in the brains fear centre (the amygdala) helping you to relax, and feel safe enough to wonder…

🌊 Relaxation in mind and body. Especially relaxation of the attention. When the usual parameters of the mind relax, what we are aware of expands. Our net widens and we catch bigger, more fantastic fish

🎣 Some people are surprised to learn that one of the best meditations for enhanced creativity is to do nothing. It’s surprising because it’s at odds with the attitude we use a lot of the time in life: get busy and make stuff happen. And for this reason it can feel tricky to remain unoccupied, to just do nothing (but still remain aware and not fall asleep) and so a little practice over time helps. It’s not often in our days that we can idle or be unoccupied, even when we’re physically unoccupied, we can be very busy mentally. Meditation gives you space and gets you used to being receptive and quiet.

From stillness… come many great ideas!

I read the back cover of ‘A Drifting Boat’ by J. P. Seaton recently and thought…..Wow! It featured a tiny poem from Yuan Mei written nearly 300 years ago. Yet it was perfectly apt for today’s stay at home climate. (See it here – https://lnkd.in/ec3rQtB )

Q: When do you feel at your most expansive and creative, do you have practices you turn to?

We’ll be meditating on Creativity in our 7 Energy Centres Workshop this coming Sunday April 11th – Join us! If you can’t make the workshop, you can practice along at home with the audio meditation set here.

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