Meditation and Mindfulness Consulting For Businesses and Brands

Emma is a UK based author, writer and specialist in meditation and mindfulness. She provides consultancy to many leading organisations and shares workshops here in the UK and overseas. She’s a gentle, down to earth and light hearted trainer who very much enjoys connecting with people, listening carefully and offering clear, insightful guidance. 

As a creative consultant she’s professional, never short of ideas and loves finding new and interesting ways of making wellness, meditation and the creative spirit available to others.



1. CREATIVE CONSULTANCY + Wellness writing

Commission expert writing on topics such as mindfullness, meditation, wellness, the healing arts and the natural world. Or, work with Emma to map out a unique and beautiful outlook, edit, and feature plan for your project or programme. 

Recent projects: The new Lonely Planet Wellness Guide Book, The Joy Of Plants Biophillia articles, Weight Watchers Mind-Brain-Gut health.


2. PARTNERSHIPS + Collaborations

Include meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing wisdom within your products, service provisions or online offerings.

Recent clients: Creating the AA mindfulness helpline, creating the guided meditation component of the new Neom Organics Spa treatments  (VIEW MORE)


3. Team Mindfulness Webinars +  Bespoke Online Training Sessions

Learn to use meditation, mindfulness and healing arts tools to enhance the quality of your health and work, while enjoying a restorative group experience. 

Format Online: Meditation and mindfulness tuition sessions live-streamed weekly to bring team members together. Set up one or several lunch time meditation calls that all your staff can tune into whether they are working from home or the office. 

Format In Person: Workshops for small groups, seminars for larger groups and private 121 coaching sessions for individuals.

Previous events: NHS East Midlands, Hearst, Stella McCartney, NHS Nottingham, Amnesty International, Neom Organics, Mindshare, Red Magazine’s Floral Meditaton workshops, Knorr’s Mindful Eating class, Neom Organics meditation nook at The John Lewis rooftop terrace.  (VIEW MORE)


‘Emma is so lovely to work with, really authentic and straightforward in her approach to teaching meditation, and gave the practice and techniques a lot of context during the session which really helped everyone to engage. The session set our team up beautifully for the day and I look forward to working with her again in the near future.’

Deb, Head of HR at The Future Lab London


  • Excellent session
  • Lovely oasis in middle of stressful day- guided mindfulness such good practice to then try on own. Thanks again
  • Really helpful
  • Very calming, helpful meditation. Thank you
  • Thank you for organising these, it's a wonderful idea.



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