The Powder Room 

Meditation for stress and anxiety 

Have you heard of that really amazing poem called The Lake Isle of Innisfree by Yeats? It begins..

‘I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,’

In this famous poem, Yeats describes going to a peaceful place. A place where one can relax and take five. It might be an actual real life place, like the bench at the bottom of your garden, or it might be an imaginary place you have conjured up using your mind.

The following imaginative activity can be used to create a peaceful place of ones own,  a place to visit whenever the moment calls for it.

Let’s (arise and ) go!


  • Take an easy seat, somewhere safe where you won’t be disturbed
  • Take five easy breaths in through your nose and out through your nose if possible
  • Have the idea that you could be walking along a beautiful pathway. At the end of the path is a set of steps, or a ladder or a staircase. It could have any kind of appearance, old or new, narrow or wide. 
  • In your imagination, step on the ladder and either climb upwards or descend downwards 
  • At some point you’ll find yourself at the right place and you’ll step off the ladder/stairs into a beautiful, happiness inspiring room. Each persons room is decorated differently. For some it’s a bright airy room full of light and flowers. For others, their room looks less like a room and more like a little woodland or seaside. Some have a small room with many lovely items or even a log fire burning in the middle with chairs around for sitting and resting. Sometimes you will know instantly how your special room looks and it will begin forming in your imagination quite quickly. Other times we can do well to be patient with ourselves as our special place forms slowly,  bit by bit as different ideas of what we might like come to us. Remember, it’s your imagination and you can have it any way you like. 
  • There might be special parts of your room that you will like to explore. For example, maybe there is a writing table or a soft chair, a yoga mat, a bookcase, a wardrobe full of fancy clothes and accessories or a basket ball hoop. Maybe it’s empty. Maybe it has a special scent. Either way, take your time as you move around the room and soak up the positive energy of your special space.
  • You might find a place to sit in your room, somewhere to rest. Take a seat and allow yourself a few moments rest. 
  • Maybe there is something lovely about being in here. While here you can have time to think. Time to descover new ideas and guidance. 
  • When you feel you have spent enough time visiting your own mini ‘innisfree’, or the Powder Room, as I like to call it, you can travel back down or up the stairs which you took to get there and back down into your usually waking state. Let the imaginative exercise drift away and return your attention to your daily life, bringing with you the uplifting scent of your special place.

You can visit your calm and relaxing space whenever you need a break. Sometimes just remembering the last time you went there, can bring on a lovely sense of calm. On the first few occasions, I recommend doing this activity when you are already feeling really calm and lovely.  This way it may feel more accessible when you want to pay it a visit on other occasions.

Happy Resting!


The Powder Room – An Imaginative Activity For Inner Peace And Happiness