Positive emotion directed towards yourself and others

Research has shown that generating positive emotions directed towards yourself and others through contemplative meditation can improve both your emotional as well as your physical health. Here’s how to try it.

1. Set a timer ⏱ for two minutes. Settle into a comfy meditation position ( upright in a chair, cross-legged, laying down flat)

2. Without adjusting your breath, count how many times you exhale in the two minutes. (I like to keep count on my fingers) if you get distracted and forget, just bring your attention back and keep counting the exhales. 

3. After two minutes of focussing, relax and let your attention range freely again. Still sitting quietly with your eyes closed.

4. Wait for a minute…gently alert and listening, as though you were expecting something interesting to happen at any minute.

5. Next, bring to mind someone you love and have warm feelings for. See them really happy and well and send them lots of good wishes. Some people like to bring that person to mind, through imagination or memory, and see them smiling, being really happy & having such great fortune. Others use their imaginations to consider all number of other ways to send blessings. For example, using a magic wand to swish glitter and sparkles around your loved one. Remember, it’s an imaginative activity

6. Once you’re satisfied, it’s time to move on and do the same to someone you don’t know as well. Perhaps an acquaintance. 

7. Next practice extending your blessings to a person you may have a challenging connection with, if none come to mind then skip this part. If it’s your first time doing this, perhaps don’t choose someone with whom you share a particularly difficult history.

8. Next, gather your imagination and thoughts and bring those good wishes upon yourself. Raise a little smile and see yourself very happy and contended. Again, use your imagination and be creative!

Thanks for reading, I do hope you enjoyed this smashing little meditative activity. If you’d like to learn more about meditation and mindfulness practices, consider joining my forntightly ‘Wellness Edit’ newsletter here