It's that humany element. That's what I'd miss if I was an eternal vampire.

That's right, if I were a colourless, emotionless,  eternal immortal, it's those mortal, humany things that I would end up missing most I think (give or take several thousand years)

Sloppy ice creams. Big warm hugs. People crammed intimately into the tube (eventually) and toastily wrapped up winter mornings (vampires don't feel the cold)

Sometimes human life can be so full on. Busy, stressful,  happy, uncertain, hot, cold, warm, pink, nerve-wracking, exciting, sensual, lost and found. Questions, answers, problems, learning and growing.


'Problems, my dear are a sign of life. Go visit a cemetery, no problems there'


As a special treat for Halloween, here is a taster of a spookily thought provoking short story by Joanne Harris. The dear lady who wrote the glorious book Chocolat (later made into a feature film with Johnny Depp), as well as the collection of short stories of Jigs and Reels (the book that this short story appears in) and Three-Quarters Of The Orange.

I love this story and find it to be a gentle reminder of all those parts of experience, varied as they can be, that makeup being human.


"I’ll tell you this for nowt. The vampire business is dead and buried. Not just back in Whitby, though that’s where the rot started, and not from lack of public interest - quite the opposite. They tell me it’s because demand exceeds supply. At last we’ve fallen prey to market forces, given in to pressure on us to conform, to modernize, to present the right kind of image to the customer......"


Read The Full Short story over at Joanne Harris' Website Here