Online Meditation and Mindfulness Learning Options Autumn/Winter 2020

1. Online ‘Live’ Class:

Begin practicing with me today by ordering a copy of my meditation guide book and joining my online ‘live’ meditation class.

2. 121 Private Appointments and Mentoring

You can book a private appointment, or a series of private sessions over the course of 6 months or a year. In the first instance please do get in touch to request an appointment, letting me know the times that suit you best for virtual meetings.

We’ll start meditating and learning practices in the first session and can build on those in subsequent sessions. Alongside our shared time together I can set you a personalised meditation plan to help establish you in a practice that works perfectly for you.

Currently all appointments last for one hour and happen online via audio or video call, as you prefer. You can learn more about private sessions and classes in at this handy FAQ Page.

One Single Appointment
1 x Appointment
6 Months of Mindful Living
6 x private appointments with Emma Mills
£690.00 (saving £60.00)
One Year of Mindful Living
12 x private appointments with Emma Mills
£1375.00 (saving £125.00)

3. Digital Mindfulness Courses + Audio Sets:

The Relax meditation audio set is a great place to start when choosing a meditation album that you can listen to again and again. There are several great online courses to choose from. RELISH is great for mindful eating and setting yourself up with a healthy approach to food and diet. The 7 Wonders Of The Inner World is my latest digital course and offers a comprehensive personal development video plan including psychology, philosophy, poetry and mindfulness lessons.

4. Online ‘Live’ Workshops

Learn a selection of self help and discovery tools drawn from the fields of mindfulness, meditation, psychology, hypnotherapy and the healing arts in my latest masterclass sessions.

5. Workplace Meditation + Mindfulness Lunch Sessions:

Many people are learning meditation with me at work. Share the Corporate meditation page with you HR manager to set up live classes for you and your colleagues.

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