Mindfulness, Healing Arts + Personal Development Workshops 2020

Take part in a fantastic range of expert led personal development and mindfulness workshops from the comfort of home this season.

These masterclasses are for individuals wishing to explore different elements of mindfulness and personal development at a deeper level in a small, friendly group environment. Each session runs for between 1 hour and 2.5 hours and include 7 days access to the session online so you can catch up if you can’t make the date. All workshops are taught via Zoom by meditation expert and author Emma Mills and the occasional expert guest. There will be space for interaction and questions during the sessions but it is also perfectly ok to join silently following along in your own way at home.

November 2019: Drawing On The Wisdom Within.

In this 90 minute workshop you’ll learn an 8 step drawing practice to help you access the wisdom of the unconscious mind. Perfect for goal setting, problem solving, healing or finding creative guidance. No artistic or drawing experience necessary. This workshop draws on mindfulness, healing arts, meditation and hypnotherapy. 

“Thank you so much for the session. I found this morning really stimulating and feel it gave a dormant desire a kick start. A very effective process which got beyond writing your wish and actions list.

 It really helped me to reboot an old plan I’d like to complete. Thinking very broadly about who might help and what my resources were really helped, as did your examples of what worked for you.

 It took something for me to get through a barrier that ‘I can’t draw’ so your pre course information was helpful. I’ve put quite a bit into action!?! I’m really interested at how it shifted something so that it’s not a long list of things to do – that you know you probably won’t. That’s been quite a bugbear of mine for years. Something has to change which writing a list doesn’t touch. Fascinating”  

Workshop feedback from Cheryl, December 2020 

Materials you will need: 5 sheets of plain white a4 paper, scissors and a pen or pencil. If you have multi coloured pens or pencils that would be welcome and fun to use, but not essential.   

December 2020: The Glorious, Glittering Now

There is something extraordinarily beautiful happening where you are, this very moment. Yet this glorious glittering now is often over looked as our minds cast backwards and forwards in search of security and understanding. In this workshop you’ll learn three creative, inspirational practices for connecting more skilfully with the present moment so you can find joy in the here and now wherever you go.

Materials you will need: a few sheets of lined paper for writing on. One large piece of plain paper, any size A4 or larger will work. A selection of coloured pencils, pens or paints.

January 2021: Calm Mind, Luminous Body.

In this truly lovely morning workshop (9.30-12pm) you’ll learn how to add bodywork and awareness to your personal wellness practice. This is a joint led workshop and we’ll be joined by Adam Ward yogi of 30 years and UK based Feldenkrais practitioner. The workshop will combine meditation with bodywork and gentle movements based on the practice of neuro-biomechanics (It’s not the same as yoga, or pilates.)

Over the course of a lovely morning together, we’ll learn a key selection of subtle yet powerful movements designed for letting stress and tension out of the body. You’ll finish feeling relaxed, peaceful and fluid with knowledge of how to recreate the movements for yourself on other occasions.

GIFT: you will get 30 days complimentary access to Adam Wards live stream movement classes from the date of the workshop. He shares on average 2-7 live classes per week online. RRP: £30.00

Requirements: Please wear cozy comfy clothes, suitable for lounging and stretching. Come to the workshop with your yoga mat or a soft throw you feel comfortable laying down on. The range of movement will involve standing up, laying down, sitting down and moving just as far as the length of a yoga mat, so you won’t need a big space in order to join in. The movements are very gentle and while you don’t need to be supple or fit to benefit from it, you will need to be able to sit down and get up from the floor unaided. For more information about this workshop and to ask questions bout whether or not it would suit you please contact me directly, emma@emmamillslondon.com for advice.

February: Finding Focus

In this short self help + meditation workshop you’ll learn new techniques for prioritising your time and energy, discovering your true priorities and finding better focus in this demanding world. This is a 90 minute guided exploratory workshop. Emma will share teaching and offer prompts and questions to help you hone in on what really matters most to you in life. 

April 11th 2021: The 7 Energy Centres (New Date)

Learn to meditate on the 7 energy centres of the body, and practice toning sounds for each one.  No materials necessary, this 90 minute workshop comes with a free gift, the 7 wonders audio meditation album, worth £25.00. Perfect for carrying on the energy centre meditation practice for years to come.

April: Art Meditations

If you’d love to be able to meditate on works of art this hour long workshop is for you. With a combination of theory and practical, you’ll learn 3 techniques and get the chance to practice on a variety of images. After the workshop you’ll be confident in meditating on an image during your visits to art galleries, as well as simply at home as part of your own meditation and wellness practice. Materials you’ll need: You’ll need to choose several images or art works to consider for the meditation session. This might be an image you have found online, or one in a magazine or one you have at home. (If you would like help choosing, I can help you by email if you give me a little notice before the workshop.) 

Your Workshop Tutor

Emma Mills is an award-winning author and one of the UKs leading voices in the field of meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing.

Her first book, ‘Inhale. Exhale. Repeat’ A 24-hour meditation guide book, was published by Penguin Random House in March 2017 and features a host of new and exciting ways to bring happiness, peace and inspiration to daily life. She also writes and consults with several leading publications, most recently collaborating with Lonely Planet on their new guide ‘101 ways to live well’ and with The Flower Council of Holland on their new plant wellness campaign. 

‘Emma’s unique breadth of knowledge and calming writing style is refreshing, inspiring and energising and her holistic approach to meditation provides illuminating pearls of wisdom for every part of daily modern life.’

Praise for ‘Inhale. Exhale. Repeat’ via Amazon

Emma has a background in psychology and began her studies 16 years ago. In 2009 she helped pioneer a new form of literary therapy for the organisation MIND in the UK, going on to win £50,000 expansion funding in 2014. More recently her work combining mindfulness and poetry was included within Westminster University’s Psychology BSc degree syllabus, and in February 2020 she was invited to guest lecture on this topic.

When she isn’t writing or teaching, Emma loves gardening, watching European cinema, cooking, fashion, reading poetry and spending time with family. She’s a kind, creative person passionate about making a positive difference in the world. Stay in touch and be inspired on your mindful living journey by signing up for her fortnightly Wellness Edit