Mindful Eating Cures For When You Have Overeaten 

However much you’ve overindulged, now is the time to be kind to yourself, wipe the slate clean and begin afresh. 

  1. Accept that this is what has happened. Leave out the guilty feelings, own your choices and take reasoned action from here on out.
  2. Before you start cutting things out and adding things in – take the opportunity to listen in to your body. What are the sensations of having overindulged? What is now in surplus? What is now needed? You might feel a sense of wanting to mov, or wanting fresh air. You might feel a sense of wanting to rest and repose or a desire to give the digestive system a rest for a few days. 
  3. Start a meditation practice. This could be for as little as five minutes a day. There is a simple introductory audio guide in the RELISH mindful eating plan here. This will help you stay focused, calm and patient while remaining in tune with your needs. 

  1. All good things start with some kind of list. Perhaps that’s a grocery shopping list, a new fitness regime or a mindful eating plan. Map out your priorities, and make your healthy eating regime out in line with those.  
  2. As well as doing things you would rather not do, there may be some new things you might quite like to do. Things like arts and crafts, walking, reading, sending cards to loved ones, catching up on the phone with old friends and getting active with exercise. Take a note of all the things you’ve done this season that you’d like to carry on with into the year.