Meditation: The Undressed Banana

Do this meditation before you set out to the shops. It can help you to cultivate your sensitivity or intuition so you can see how you respond to certain foods. Ok, here goes:

  • Take a banana. Sit in front of it. Hold it. Feel it. Put it down.
  • Now, remove the label ‘banana’ from it.
  • If in your mind you look and say, ‘Banana,’ now look and don’t say anything. Just experience it as it is.
  • Sit with it. This meditation might sound hilarious or ridiculous, but I promise there are goodies here. Through this exercise, we learn to experience the ‘beingness’ of the banana: seeing the reality of it, seeing it as it is, rather than a concept based on our memories and preconceptions of bananas. With time, we might extend this ability to perceive the ‘beingness’ of things to our friends and loved ones too.

(Extract taken from ‘Inhale. Exhale. Repeat’ book.