Meditation: Finding a Solution

(Excerpt from Emmas Book, Inhale. Exhale. Repeat)

Sometimes when we need a solution we can try as we might to use our rational mind to solve the problem, but with no luck. Then perhaps we are out shopping one afternoon, minding our own business, and – bam! – the solution appears in an instant. Which is how a lot of understanding occurs. Do plenty of shopping!

Only joking … Just let yourself be in the moment and see what arises. Or try a completely fresh approach, and a different activity, such as painting or dancing.

Listen to what comes into you in unguarded moments and then if necessary acquire the skills to bring those insights into fruition. The more you fulfil these impersonal wishes the better you will get at bringing them into fruition and the more readily they will appear. The cup of creativity is one that magically refills itself and never runs out.