Meet Maria Macaya – Wellspring Interview Series

María is an advanced Jivamukti yoga teacher living in Barcelona, Spain, with her children and husband.  She also specialises in yoga for mental disorders and in 2016 she founded Fundacion Radika – a non profit dedicated to offering yoga as a complementary therapy for mental disorders with a special focus on trauma, addiction, depression and anxiety. ( María founded Radika Sports in 2018, where through yoga, breath and mindfulness she helps elite sports competitors to improve performance and prevent injury. 

We talk about:

  • Specialist Yoga for mental health and trauma (something I was very keen to hear more about!)
  • Informed yoga in practice
  • The Radika Foundation
  • Wellness and creative life in Barcelona
  • Following her Wellspring from working as an art critic, through writing, yoga and mental health.
  • Her own self-care and wellness practices
Maria Macaya and Emma Mills Interview, Skype

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