A meditation session +  Q&A with Emma at the Publishing Professionals  annual conference.  

Corporate Mindfulness, Meditation + Wellness Classes With Emma Mills


Everyone. The workplace classes are simple to start and really well attended.  


You can book short talks, inspiring lunch sessions or more precise workshops on specialised topics, for example, stress management tools or mindful listening. You'll get help in letting the team know about the class as well as aftercare and advice. Classes cater for small groups of around 20, to larger audiences of up to 300 people for seminar-style talks. 

Would you like to have classes, courses or short talks happen at your workplace? Tell us a little more about what you need so we can help you. Please do get in touch directly on emma@emmamillslondon.com 


  • Stella McCartney
  • Mindshare
  • Wesleyan
  • Amnesty International 
  • SAFFA wellbeing
  • The Future Laboratory
  • Nottingham University, school of art and design



‘Emma is so lovely to work with, really authentic and straightforward in her approach to teaching meditation, and gave the practice and techniques a lot of context during the session which really helped everyone to engage. The session set our team up beautifully for the day and I look forward to working with her again in the near future.’

Deb, HR Head The Future Lab, Shoreditch


"Emma was a breath of fresh air, - I came out of the session so relaxed and I'm definitely going to take some of those techniques home and practice them."

"Please let Emma know that I really enjoyed the session - I left feeling very relaxed, and think I will definitely find a way to learn more and to practice more regularly. Emma was really warm and friendly and created an atmosphere that made it welcoming for those who had never tried meditation before. Thank you, Emma"

"I thought the session was extremely helpful. I liked that Emma made sure she was aware of our various levels of skill at meditation and therefore made me feel at ease. I like that she explored two different ways of meditating. I'd have liked to have explored mindfulness a bit more but I understand why we couldn't due to time constraints."

"I thought it was really interesting - and a great break from work and definitely lowered my stress levels. Emma was very nice and friendly - thanks for arranging it!"

Glowing reviews all round! Thank you again - I'll let you know if I get any further feedback.

Best wishes

Gill Duffy
Internal Communications and Evaluation Coordinator

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In August 2013 I became a volunteer for West Essex Mind Get Into Reading (GIR) therapy groups. Emma Mills was the line manager at this time. In January 2014 Emma offered me a position as a GIR facilitator. I was thrilled to be taken on as part of the GIR team, partly because the reading groups were so effective and I was eager to be involved and partly because the GIR team were such a great group of people.

The team was happy and friendly but at the same time assertive and professional. It was clear that this effective balance of efficiency and benevolence was the result of Emma’s competence as a loyal and committed line manager.

Emma was passionate about the GIR groups. She had an extensive knowledge of literature and always supplied an interesting variation of materials. Emma’s enthusiasm for the benefits of GIR was infectious. Her training sessions for the staff were incredibly helpful and insightful and unlike any, I have experienced since she moved on from this position.

It was a pleasure working for and with Emma and I feel I have gained both professionally and personally as a result.

My personal experience as a GIR facilitator has been rewarding. I am always amazed at how a single piece of literature can evoke such a variety of ideas and opinions among a few people in a group. We can read the same piece of literature to each of the six groups currently running and each group will see different connotations and draw separate conclusions.

For me, the most rewarding aspect about running GIR groups is when an individual approaches me after a group and thanks me personally; a certain story or poem may have helped them address personal issues, it may have helped them look upon a problem from a different perspective or simply have made them feel happier. The power of literature is something that never fails to surprise me, the effect it can have on an individual can completely change their outlook on life. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working as a GIR facilitator and I continue to be inspired and enlightened by the people who attend.

Sam Pearson (GIR Facilitator for West Essex Mind)

Corporate Mindfulness and meditation classes and training for business in  London and the Midlands with Emma Mills.