Is it possible to turn the outside world off?

Hyper connectivity is here and The GSMA and PwC estimate that mobile connectivity will provide 180 million children in developing countries with the opportunity to stay in education between now and 2017.

It is set to increase with devices such as the Google glass, life logging and increased readiness of wireless networks. A recent report published by the Ministry Of Defence has this to say about the future of our connectivity between 2007 and 2039:

"By the end of the period it is likely that the majority of the global population will find it difficult to ‘turn the outside world off’. ICT40 is likely to be so pervasive that people are permanently connected to a network or two-way data stream with inherent challenges to civil liberties; being disconnected could be considered suspicious. There are a number of trends that will lead to this pervasiveness including: an expanding global economy, potentially far-reaching improvements in processing power, greater cultural assimilation and awareness of technology, and the continued convergence of information and communication technologies. In turn, ICT will itself be a major engine of growth for the global economy."

*mops brow*

I don't know if it will be possible to turn the outside world off, but certainly this quote, published by the MOD is food for thought. It makes me think about how important self awareness is. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Please do leave a comment below. 


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