7 Guided Mindful Meditations To Help You De-stress and Feel Calm

Sitting quietly with your eyes closed, regaining some quiet, calm and focus is an exceptional way to spend 10 minutes. Here you’ll find a selection of guided meditations to listen to and enjoy. I do hope you’ll find it a helpful resource.

If you don’t quite feel able to sit down and close your eyes at the moment, perhaps an active meditation might suit you? You can get inspired and try one out here – The best active mindful meditations

1. A Short Simple Morning Meditation To Relax (5 mins)

2. A meditation to re-find your centre, feel calm and de-stress (17mins)

3. Use your imagination to design your happy place – and visit often! (5 mins)

4. Take a break while working from home, with the Al Desko Meditation (5 mins)

5. Cue up the record player, or pop your headphones in, sit back, close your eyes and take your awareness-based practice to your favourite music (4 mins-1 hr depending on whether you listen to one song or a complete album)

6. Practice gentle movement and yoga for positive mental health With Emma and Maria in this episode of Wellspring. (the seated yoga session with Maria at the end is lovely!)

7. Take a pause and find calm at regular points during your day (8 mins)