Busy days and faddy diets leave us swinging between periods of overeating and slimming down, and somewhere along the way we get cut off from our own bodies innate intelligence. With all new behavioural science, step by step tools and creative meditations, RELISH offers an inspiring re-think of food, mood and mindfulness. 

What's Inside

  • A 90-page course guide
  • 22 practical exercises and meditations to begin using right away
  • Poetry prescriptions and lifestyle inspiration
  • The Relish audio meditation album (6 audio tracks to listen to) 
  • NEW: An hour-long creators commentary with Emma talking you through the making of the course and sharing personal insights. 

Course Feedback

"That's where I personally found Relish so helpful. It made me ask myself questions I never thought to ask...even my nutritionist never asked me...and some of my own answers shocked me...some were a huge revelation. I can finally say, I am slowly finding my own balance again. I realized just how important it is to be mindful and ask yourself the right questions." Via Instagram


"That course really changed my life! Not only I now have a much better relationship with food, but I am also much more mindful about it with my own children as well. My entire family has benefited 😁 I can't wait to see the updated content!" Via Instagram 



"Relish is jam-packed with good stuff and you’ll want to read it over and over again. As a self confessed foodie I now realise that my eating habits had been slowly spiralling out of control. This book is so easy to relate to and offers an inspiring re-think of food, mood and mindfulness. Each chapter is insightful and beautifully presented. You won’t be able to wait to do your weekly food shop after the Mindful Shopping section! The accompanying audio tracks were also lovely and gave a perfect  introduction to meditation."  Julie Rose, Via Email 

Course Outline

RELISH is a self-study guide. Simply download the PDF and audios to your phone and listen along in our own time.

Module One: Introduction to meditation mindfulness + simple 'Bread And Butter' meditations.

Module Two: Understanding hunger habits, cravings and bypassing willpower

Module Three: Creating a mindful kitchen for you and your family, shopping, food sensitivity,  refinding the fun of dining, pantry prep + dinner party ideas. 

Module Four: Preparing, cooking, eating & sharing. 

Module Five: Self-love, body love and self-marvelling. 

Module Six: Snacking, parties, work. Take your mindful eating with you wherever you go. At work, eating out and travelling.

Module Seven: Fulfilment, success in your goals and happiness



The price of the course is £40.00. When you buy RELISH you'll immediately be redirected to a new page featuring all of your course materials. You can download them to your computer, smartphone. You might also like to print the guide so that you have it to hand to hand over meal times. 


Notes: When you buy RELISH you'll immediately be redirected to a new page featuring all of your RELISH course materials. If you require any help or support please feel welcomed to contact us at Due to the nature of online digital download sales, please understand that all digital download sales are final and we are unable to offer refunds. RELISH is a complimentary educational wellness course from Emma Mills. It is not a substitute for qualified psychiatric or medical support. If you are experiencing mental health difficulties relating to your health and diet it's important that you at first visit your healthcare practitioner and doctor for help and guidance.