Different personalities, the eternal turnover of deadlines and deliverables, the commute, questionable purpose & lifestyle habits. What can we do to stay well at work?

Gosh, there can be so many! Here are a few examples…

For many, commuting can be an uncomfortable or boring experience. If it’s something we can’t change, then perhaps we can experiment with changing our attitude to it. As you travel along, remind yourself that this appearance will change, just like everything else, and soon enough you’ll be walking through the door at work. What’s more, if we watch the activity of our minds we may find it more useful to focus our attention on our breath, rather than getting caught up in the negative chatter of resisting what is. If your commute is pleasant but repetitive, try setting out into your day with an attitude of discovery, so you can see with fresh eyes. Inspiration can appear anywhere.

For others it can feel hard to focus on and create considered work because there is just so much going on at once. If you can relate to this, I would recommend regular morning meditation. A few minutes are a good place to start. It really is like a muscle and with a little practice you can often find it easier to stay on task and get the right things done, feeling productive and enjoying a flow state.

Sometimes the actual workload we have is that of two people – or several. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s important to know when a days work is done. Many people spend extra hours working at their desk without actually achieving anything.

I would love to give you a simple 3 step exercise that would make all the difference but in all honestly, there isn’t one meditation or exercise which will help, (although there is a good one further on in the interview called The Gap). What makes the difference is doing a little meditation each day or at least regularly. Over time the structure of your brain changes and the way your mind works changes and the way you relate to your mental landscape changes too – which can make work easier, more efficient and more joyful.