A Meditation Handbook For Every Part Of Your Day (£9.99)

by Emma Mills

“A life-affirming, powerful read”

(Patricia Merrick The Lady)

“Practical tips and tricks to work into your daily routine, from morning coffee and commuting to bed time”


“This is a down-to-earth handbook for anyone who needs a little help finding calm.”


“A book on meditation has the potential to be a bit dry, but the author skilfully navigates this, and brings the subject to life with her beautiful and easygoing writing style. This book offers a vision of living well with ideas for everyday use. It is full of insights into how we think and feel. This book should be on the New York Bestseller list, we would definitely have happier people around us! Highly recommended.”

(Sarah J, Amazon)

“I’ve always wondered about meditation, and Emma walked me through several easy ways I can incorporate mindfulness and meditation into my day – its brought a sense of peace and tranquility that I never expected – a real treat!”

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We’re all living faster, working harder, and often so busy we forget to take a moment to sit back, close our eyes and just, breathe. Yet this hectic lifestyle can get us down, making us lethargic, stressed and burnt out. So how to break the cycle?

Inspired by traditional eastern lessons of meditation and mindfulness, neuroscience and insights from literature, Emma Mills offers fresh and simple tools to keep our minds healthy, from that early morning coffee through to the moment you climb into bed, without having to invest in expensive detox courses or far-flung retreats. She guides the reader through a course of a single day, with easy tips, meditations, recipes, literary recommendations and practical takeaways that can be completed in a matter of minutes. 

So just inhale, exhale, and repeat – and let a sense of calm and focus transform your day.

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