Mindful Christmas Gifts & Special Offers

What would you most like for Christmas this year? Two turtle doves? A few days off work? A new purse? World peace? Here you can find a small selection of popular mindfulness offerings, perfect to gift to yourself! (Or request from someone else)

If you would like any help with your gift buying please email emma@emmamillslondon.com and I will get in touch to help you with your order.

Wishing you a lovely lead up to Christmas, 2020!

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat’ The Meditation Handbook for every part of your day 

A signed copy of my meditation handbook ‘Inhale. Exhale. Repeat’ + bespoke note and poetry postcard in the inside slip just for you. Price: £10.00 + P&P (£2.70)

(Update: 10 copies available)

One Personalised Private Session

We’ll meet via Skype or Telephone to meditate, explore lessons in mindfulness, share personal development teachings relevant to your interests and talk through the areas you want to focus on. ( RRP: £125.00 )

Bespoke Voucher For Use With All Mindfulness and Meditation Courses and Classes at Emma Mills London

Join Emma on several wonderful meditation and mindfulness courses (Vouchers available for £25, £50 or £100)

Shopping Guidance

  1. If you would like to purchase something special from Emma Mills London, and it isn’t listed here or in the shop, please email emma@emmamillslondon.com so that I can help you with your shopping