Food Mindfulness At Skip Gardens Organic City Garden In London

This week I joined Skip Gardens, Knorr and some really lovely guests for an evening of food mindfulness.

It was so inspiring to learn how the team at Skip Gardens create a fruitful and productive inner city garden - all the while keeping it organic and sustainable. There is a cafe/restaurant on site which serves fresh, home made meals cooked using the herbs, fruits and vegetables grown on the garden. It is also offers workshops and open sessions to local community children.

After our tour we spent some time talking about food mindfulness too which was so lovely.

With just a pinch of awareness, we can make great choices as to the foods we eat and the way we live.

You can find out more about Skip Gardens at this link, or read a little more about food mindfulness here.

You can also see some of the photographs just below!

Have a great day friends