1. Make like the philosopher De Montaigne and embrace a new mantra:


Que sais-je?’


(What do I know).


Accept the unknowableness of life and welcome it in as an adventure. Being ok with impermanence is a challenge requiring growth, flexibility and light heartedness. What could you do in 2014 if you didn’t know who you were, or what could happen?


2. It is tricky for the mind to conceive of something it has yet to experience. For example a never before seen or imagined colour or shape.   For this reason, all plans, goals and intentions set by the mind are limited to what that particular mind knows to be possible, or at least imaginable.

Have more innovative ideas when you least expect it by meditating as often as possible.  When the mind is loose and quiet you’ll be surprised what you can hear. (Tell me more about Lama Govinda and her unusual creativity methods)


3. There does seem to be something in the air at the beginning of the year. Lots of people are undertaking personal renovations, out running in the parks and blending everything in sight. All this, according to scientist Rupert Sheldrake, has an influence on your motivation too.

Ruperts theory of morphic resonance suggests that while we appear to be separate, we share an energetic field which connects everyone together. When something is learned by one person, it becomes easier for another person, somewhere else in the field to then follow suit (Read more here).

4. Take time and care in doing your most mundane daily activities. Be present while you do them and you will be surprised how many new and ingenious ways of getting them done come to mind.

Slow down, do things with consideration and find the game. You never know just which new ideas will come your way.

5. Don’t overlook the power of literature in your work and personal life

“A really good novel is kind of like a flight simulator: it lets you demo another perspective without actually taking the risk first hand.”



With love