Some of the most precious gifts you can send don't require fancy wrapping, braving the sales or heating up the credit credit card. Here are five must haves to bring the year to an end in style. (p.s click the gifts to reveal an inspired poem)

  1. Faith– According to George Michael, you’ve got to have it. Who are we to argue with him? This Christmas give yourself permission to live courageously.Don’t forget to offer the gift of faith to someone else too. It’s always nice when someone you love believes in you.
  2. Forgiveness- Whether you’re forgiving yourself or someone else, decide to let go-you’ll thank yourself for it in the New Year. After all forgiveness is a mutual gift.
  3. Unconditional Love – being loved feels great, but giving love makes us greater. It’s the best gift to give especially when it comes with no conditions or expectations.
  4. Time – Give time to those things that are truly important. Ring that friend you hardly get to see, take a colleague out for coffee, offer to look over a friends book proposal or simply treat yourself to an hour of meditation or a workout. Whether it’s for yourself or for others, time is a finite commodity, which makes this gift priceless.
  5. Fun - Let yourself have fun. Fun in your work, fun in your personal growth and fun in your relationships. 


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