"In every job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and SNAP- the job's a game." - Mary Poppins.


If you find yourself having to do something less than fun, the mind may start having all sorts of thoughts about it.

Here are some common lines of thought used to avoid the emotional stress brought on by boring tasks.

'I'm so bored' / 'I simply wasn't put on this earth to do this'/ 'what am I doing next'/ 'who else should be doing this'/ '*starts multitasking*'

Resistance to the status quo is commonly accompanied by frustration and unpleasant emotions. Further to that, resistance often blocks our ability to accurately see and experience the task at hand.  When you swap resistance for acceptance, these kinds of activities can be seen for what they are. And they might even be enjoyed! 

When there is little or no resistance to a task it becomes easier to spot the fun, the game or the opportunity for play and maybe innovation.

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