Private Meditation Sessions​ With Emma Mills In London

 121 Private Meditation Lessons 

Private appointments are a great way to get personalised support and insight into your happiness, creativity and wellbeing. I offer two types of 121 appointments. 

  1. Insight Coaching 
  2. Meditation and Mindfulness – Learning and Practice

If it’s private appointments you’d like, this is how to get started

  • We’ll book you in by phone or email and get a time in the diary (At the moment, most appointments happen online via Zoom or FaceTime audio/video as you prefer.) 
  • The first session gives us a chance to say hello and get to know each other. You might like to tell me about your hopes for the session and your experiences so far.  Some people are keen to tell me about where they are at in life and what sort of qualities they want to explore via meditation. Others don’t want to talk so much and just want to relax and listen as I guide them though an hour session with a bit of Q+A time at the end. I tend to think that if it’s the latter you prefer, you might find the online live group classes better value, although that is entirely up to you. 
  • We’ll start meditating and learning practices in the first session and we can build on that practice with any subsequent sessions. Sessions run for an hour. 

(Private appointments online: £125.00 per session, payable at the time of booking via Bacs/Paypal )

Please get in touch via the contact page to enquire about booking a private lesson.


Private coaching and meditation in London

Why do people book private Meditation + Mindfulness sessions?

Practising meditation with a dedicated expert will speed up your learning curve bringing you noticeable changes in a shorter timeframe. You’ll also get guidance specifically tailored to your personality and life circumstances.

Many people who book private meditation classes have tried to meditate with apps and books but have struggled to see the benefits, or fully engage with it. Or they have been on a taster course, at work for example, and they want to carry on learning.

I love teaching meditation to a range of people, from complete beginners to people who’ve been meditating on and off for a while and would like a refresher or advanced tuition. During out appointment ill show you ways that you can practice between sessions and I’ll give you guided audio meditations for you to listen to and practice with at home, if you’d like that.

Why do people book Insight Coaching? 

I’m a trained coach, specialising in meditation and I have a background in psychology. Insight Coaching is more about coaching psychology than mindfulness and helps you find the clarity, direction and insights necessary for you to move forward in the way you’d like to.

I don’t think of myself as a wise sage with all the answers, instead I work on the premise that we each have all the answers we need within us. It’s my role to offer you a variety of intelligent and effective ways to reconnect to that wisdom through simple shifts in perspective and practical exercises. The coaching takes places over a series of face to face conversations where we identify and work on areas that need to be addressed and if you like, meditation mindfulness skills can be part of that too.

Popular reasons for booking sessions:

  • After a change of job, health status, relationship or living arrangement. Insight Coaching will give you the tools to understand who you are now, and what’s important going forward.
  • If you feel uncertain about your direction or stuck in a rut, the sessions can help you find clarity and reconnect with the wellspring of enthusiasm and joy we all have access to.
  • If you’ve been stressed, overwhelmed or really busy and want to get back onto a healthier, calmer, more positive path, Insight Coaching can give you tools, tips and a plan – with support along the way. 
  • Other points of focus include stress management, better sleep, improved confidence and self-esteem, increased capacity for joy and better communication.

A few things to consider before your appointment

It’s really important that you get the most out of your precious appointment time and for that reason I usually recommend that you arrange to come for your session at a time when you won’t have to rush off back to work too quickly (or at all that day) or embark on a long journey. It’s nice to have a little time afterwards to relax. 

Certain things influence how well you profit from your appointments:

  • drinking alcohol or taking other recreational drugs put you into an altered state and affect your ability to concentrate, therefore you shouldn’t drink before a session. And, if at all possible, try to avoid having a big evening out the night before.
  • it may not be suitable for you to have your appointment after a hospital or medical procedure, please do let me know in advance so we can have a little chat about it.
  • if you’re sick or have a contagious illness like the flu, it’s wise to move your appointment to the following week to avoid passing it on to others. 
  • if at the last minute you become unwell and need to cancel your appointment please do let me know as soon as possible as this way I may be able to offer the space to someone else. I will do my utmost to keep our appointment times and will endeavour to give you 24 hours notice for cancelled appointments. 
  • Please understand that there will be a full charge for all in-person appointments cancelled less 48 hours before the appointment time. 

A few things to consider after your appointment

Whether you are coming for private meditation classes or for Insight Coaching, the chances are you will be turning your attention inwards, considering feelings, ideas, hopes and dreams and maybe thinking in ways you wouldn’t normally think. 

You may feel a little emotional or tired after a session of coaching. You might want to sit down, have a cup of tea and relax while the new ideas settle. That would be really natural. But other times, you might feel wholly energised and serene after a session. It really does depend on what we’ve been exploring, but either way, I recommend that you give yourself a little time after the appointment to enjoy those post-session insights, and let them settle. 

Q. What shall I wear or bring?

Please wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. If you’re coming straight from work, you’re welcome to change in the bathroom area. You don’t need to bring anything else. 

Q. How many sessions do I book, and how frequently should I have them?

If it’s your first time working with me, I recommend you book a course of 4 x 1-hour appointments, meeting once a week or once a fortnight. If we’ve met and worked together before you can book appointments by the hour, and have them weekly, fortnightly or monthly as you prefer. Please contact me for rates and fees.

Q. How can I pay?

You can pay for your sessions by BACs, or via PayPal. Once we arrange the date of your session I’ll share further details about this with you. Payment for the sessions is made at the time of booking. If you aren’t all to make payments using the internet do let me know and we can make another arrangement.

Q. Where can we meet for the sessions, do you work in London?

I usually offer my sessions in South Molten Street, Mayfair in central London as well as in Southwell, a rural town in the east Midlands. However I’m increasingly working with clients via Facetime and Zoom and many people prefer to have their appointment without having to travel.

Appointment Locations

When you make a booking I will send you the address and details for getting to the office. 

Southwell: There is ample parking at the Southwell studio. There is a bus stop (100) right outside, the nearest train station is Newark Northgate which is 1.5 hours north of Kingscross. The room that I work from in Southwell is lovely, private and very calm, it overlooks the famous Minster Cathedral which is a real treat. The local town of Southwell is very picturesque and it’s well worth treating yourself to a tea afterwards at one of the pretty cafes.

Mayfair: I work from a beautiful and stylish wellness centre on South Molten Street, the nearest tube is Bond Street which is just a stones throw away. The wellness centre is very calm, discreet and has a lovely reception area for you to enjoy a herbal tea before the session. 

Facetime: You can have your sessions from anywhere in the world via Facetime or Zoom, (Audio or video, whichever you feel most comfortable with.) This is great if you’d prefer not to have to travel home after the session. All you need is a great Wifi connection.

You might prefer to spend the Skype time interactively, talking ideas through and sharing a little guided practice. Or perhaps you’d prefer to put your phone onto loudspeaker, get comfortable at home, close your eyes and listen in quietly as I take you through a bespoke session suited to your needs that day.

Private meditation, mindfulness and insight coaching with Emma Mills London

Further Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to get started with some sessions, what do I do next?

You can contact me here, letting me know where you’d like meet and I will come back to you with some times and dates to get started. I accept payments via bank transfer or Pay Pal and all sessions are held in complete confidence.

I usually offer appointments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. On Mondays, Thursdays and Friday I provide training and consultancy for brands and companies and write features and books about meditation and mindfulness.

Q. I work in concierge services for a VIP client, can I make a booking for them?

I only take bookings directly from the client. I find that this brings the best outcomes training wise. However, if your client would like to book in please do pass them my email address, which is as they would be most welcome to get in touch directly.

Q. Can I have my sessions at home or work?

Please contact for more information. Zoom is also a popular option.

Q. Can I bring my son/husband/wife to the session?

Yes sure, let me know more about that when you get in touch to make a booking.

Q. Can you teach my children?

I work with adults but if you would like help and advice about this, please do get in touch and I’ll be glad to help you find what you need.

Q. What meditation will I be learning?

Together we’ll explore a broad range of meditation styles down from many traditions. For example, gentle breathing exercises, focussed listening, sound work, guided imagination and simple mindfulness lessons. I call on a broad range of styles in my work and I choose a unique blend for our session specifically to suit your personality and goals. For example, some people find sitting still harder than others and the good news is that with meditation there is something for everyone.

Q. I’m not a Buddhist, is that ok?

Yes for sure, the sessions are nonreligious and quite down to earth. I don’t follow any single religion, I’m just interested in happiness. You can find out more about my philosophy here.

Do you offer a guarantee that meditation will work for me?

I can’t offer a guarantee as to the changes you will make through our work together. But I do have a high success rate and many positive testimonials in teaching meditation and helping others to overcome their challenges through coaching work.

Q. I have serious mental health difficulties, is this for me?

If you are experiencing serious ill-mental health, for example, serious anxiety and depression the best thing to do is speak to your doctor, psychiatrist, therapist or CPN about your feelings. They will advise you on the best course of treatment which may involve learning about mindfulness and meditation with me. If you are currently taking medication for mental health difficulties or seeing a doctor for mental health care, you should speak to your doctor and get their support before having private sessions or taking up a new health practice such as meditation.

If you or someone you love is experience ill mental health and you would like more support than that offered by your GP, I recommend the following UK based support networks: MIND, Rethink, Headway & Together

Did I answer all of your questions? If not, please let me know as I’ll be glad to help.