Here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about booking private meditations sessions here in central London and Southwell.

Q. I want to book in, what do I do next?

That's fantastic, send me an email to get started.

Q. Can I come for an hour or do I need to book a course of sessions?

To begin you'll book 4 sessions and we'll meet once a week, for four weeks. This is the best way to get you established in meditation and cover the range of ideas and tools necessary. Many of my clients tell me they began to feel calmer the moment they got in touch and made the appointment. Knowing that you have a date in the diary to look forward to can be such a steadying influence in your week. After the four sessions, you can then book individual appointments at your convenience.

Q: How long will my session last for?

Private sessions usually last for an hour. 

Q. Why do people book private sessions with you?

My clients are often quite busy with work and family responsibilities. They're under a lot of pressure and they want to find ways to manage their stress so that they can feel calmer,  happier, healthier and most of all, be better available for their loved ones. Many have meditated before using an app or by reading a book and now find that they want to more fully engage with it so they can enjoy the benefits.

Q. Will I be sitting cross-legged on a pillow?

We usually sit in comfortable sofa chairs, or high backed chairs. If you'd like to bring a meditation cushion and sit cross-legged in a lotus pose, let me know and we can practice sitting in that way too, It's entirely at your preference

Q. Should I come to a class or come and learn privately?

Q. Will I meditate at the first session?

Yes, you'll get started right away! There will be tea, meditation, discussion, teaching and more meditation. Every session is different and unfolds uniquely to fit your needs each time you arrive. 

Q. Where will my sessions take place?

You can book sessions at two lovely studios. One in South Molten street in central London and the other in Southwell which is a small rural town in the East Midlands. Both venues have great transport links, with plenty of parking at the Southwell office.

Q. I work in concierge services for a VIP client, can I make a booking for them?

Unfortunately not. However, if your client would like to book in they’re most welcome to get in touch directly.

Q. Can I have my sessions at home or work?

Yes, office or workplace visits can Sessions. Please contact for more information. Skype is also a popular option.

Q. Can I bring my son/husband/wife to the session?

Yes, simply let me know on booking. 

Q. Can you teach my children?

I typically work with adults. However, if you would like help and advice about this, please do get in touch and I’ll be glad to assist you

Q. What sort of meditation will I be learning?

You’ll learn a broad range of meditation techniques drawn from many approaches. For example: guided visualisation, storytelling, mantras breathing exercises, mindfulness and Sessions. I think that learning a broad approach is great because it means you can choose which suit you best and, you're less likely to get stuck in one system or dogma. Far better to keep your options open. 

Q. How can I learn more about your approach?

Here on Emma Mills London there are over 200 blog articles which you can explore. I have also produced 3 meditation albums and a book called Inhale. Exhale. Repeat published by Penguin Random House. Take a look at my work and if you like why not book into one of my classes.

Q. What is meditation?

Meditation is a lovely way to relax, feel good and come back to what matters most. I wrote a meditation FAQ here I hope you find it helpful.

Did I answer all of your questions? If not, please let me know as I'll be glad to help. Leave a comment in the box below, or get in touch with me using the contact page.