I like to think of us all, as unique expressions of life. Like flowers. Some of us bloom big and bright like a sunflower and others have many tiny petals like a daisy. Others bloom in water and others have a super sweet fragrance. What’s more each flower is changeable. You never know quite what will unfold, until it does. When I look at myself and others, I just find it so incredible how this expression is, and happens. So different and so beautiful. And so sudden and so effortless and so mysterious and so unpredictable. How it all just happens. And while all our flowers can blossom uniquely, the animating force or intelligence behind each one's unfolding is something we all share in common. When you are quiet, in meditation, you can feel nicely in touch with this aware part we share. Here is a little video I made last summer, a basic breathing moment you can do at your desk, or at home. I hope you enjoy it! And also that you enjoy your own unfolding floral expression today. 

Via @emmamillslondon Instagram