New Meditation: If you feel overtired or depleted I might have a little something for you

We may think of energy as something that we need to take in. It could be administered orally, as with cake, or spiritually like with laughter or biologically as with good night sleep. In this sense, it’s a ‘something in = energy out’ model.

We each have our own little ways of energising and that’s beautiful. There is another route to energy which I use in my meditations most days and wanted to share with you too!

Our body may be located in one place, while our mental energy is being used to light up several other places. A little like leaving the kitchen lights on while you are going to take a bath. So what can we do?

Start by sitting for a moment in meditation, which might just mean closing your eyes and taking a nice easy breath. Then imagine that you are wearing a very stylish hat. On the hat, there are lots of lovely light bulbs. The light bulbs represent your attention. Maybe some of the light bulbs that are usually there, are out shining on some other time and place, perhaps attending to or preoccupied with a person or a thing or a place. Take a few moments to notice where your lights may be and start to bring them back so they rest neatly on your hat, lighting up the here and now. Not spending energy elsewhere.

There may be things in your life that concern you a little and for sure they do deserve your conscious attention and thoughtful consideration, so there’s still a place for that. Yet doing this meditation can really help us spend our energy wisely so we have lots of it and can enjoy our lives.

If you want to take this meditation a little further you can download my energy meditation kit, where I share my top energising meditations- including the lightbulb meditation. This meditation also appears in my new book, Inhale. Exhale Repeat. Or simply take this idea and give it a go where you are.