Do You Plan Successfully OR Live In The Moment?


Setting goals for the future is of use mainly to people who are able to live in the present.  If you aren’t able to rest in the moment it’s unlikely you’ll be able to enjoy the future for which you have planned.

Happiness, as it is conventionally conceived of in modern western society,  lives in promises. 'Tomorrow it will come', or 'Don't worry, you are getting there'.

Promises are what paper money is made of. (‘I promise to pay the bearer’ says the writing on the relic.)

The promise is tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. 

Presence (another word for mindfulness) can offer the fulfilment and contentment many are searching for. It doesn’t mean you have to stop creating, planning or being successful, it just means you can enjoy the rewards of your efforts so much more as they come to fruition.


Happy living!




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