How Would You Build Your Own Ideal Planet?

My work and interests mean I spend lots of time considering what’s happening here now. You know, this very reality right under our noses. It’s quite something! 

Yet this week I’ve also been thinking about the futuristic sci-fi stories I’ve enjoyed over the years. ( Brave New World, The Time Machine, Blade Runner, The Machine Stops, for example) 

Many of them paint a picture of the future that’s high tech and robotic. Some are frighteningly dystopian and others less so. 

So much has changed during 2020 and I’ve been considering what kind of vision I hold for futuristic life on earth, and whether or not I fancy changing it at all 😂 

I wonder if there are any futurist movies or books you have read that paint a beautiful picture? Or maybe you can create one? Here’s a fanciful question to take on…

Q. Just imagine that you had the ability to create a planet, and populate it with living creatures, including human beings. What sort of world would you create and what qualities would it express? 

Let me know what your imaginary future fantastic world would feature. Answers on a postcard! 

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