I recently attended a talk by Laura Tennison MBE, on her maternity and baby wear company  JOJO MAMAN BEBE  and how it all started. She was so excited and enthusiastic during the Q&A, it seemed she just couldn't wait to share.


Laura Speaking at Harpers Bazaar

At home, we have this thing called the wellspring of plenty. It refers to the things we do that bring lots of joy in the doing of them. Some of those things for me are, reading and sharing poems, writing and gardening.

Those particular things come from my wellspring of plenty and the more I drink from the well,  the more quickly it refills and the more I have to share. It feels good to share from the wellspring of plenty. I wouldn't go so far as to say effortless always, but it feels natural and good.

My mum loves a party. She is a true socialite and being a part of the buzz comes from her wellspring. She feels good when her party effervescence is drawn forth and used well. My partner loves fixing things. He loves a jobs list and being in the workshop. It comes from his wellspring of plenty.

I really do enjoy, being on the receiving end of their wellsprings.

Life in the real world requires we play our role in all number of responsibilities. It may seem impossible to find the time to start luxuriating in your wellspring of plenty if you have work to do, emails to return, a tube to catch or a family to look after.

You may not be able to do the things you love all day long, but you can do a bit. 

The first step is recognising what it is that springs out of your wellspring of plenty. One way to do this is to ask: what am I doing when I am really happy and in my element? Or, how do I like to spend my time when I'm not at work? Once you feel what's in your wellspring you can:

A) Find ways to use it throughout the working day 

B) Include wellspring inspired activities in your leisure plans.

Martin Seligman, professor of psychology often says in his book Flourish, that wellbeing is a consequence (in part) of a person making use of their unique strengths throughout the day. We all have unique special qualities, I wonder what yours are?

The work I've been doing the past few years especially the work with poetry feels as though it’s coming from my wellspring. Of course, some parts of working life don't flow quite so simply out of the wellspring (yet), for example doing accounts or being good with email but I'm learning to love them.

As for me, I hope as my work with Emma Mills London continues, I’ll keep listening out for the whisperings of my ever-evolving wellspring.

And that I continue to have the courage and energy to draw from it, and use it well.

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