The ‘Gap’ Meditation Set

The ‘Gap’ is what I like to refer to as the crack in the wall where the light can get in.

Leave lots of little empty spaces in your work. Space abhors a vacuum and wonderful things will emerge out of that wide, spacious gap. For example, when you are preparing a work presentation you make sure you learn all the facts and figures, and perhaps even practice beforehand; however, leaving a Gap means leaving room within the delivery of the presentation for spontaneity and for sudden inspiration to appear and keep your work fresh and of the moment.


The Gap Meditation

(5 minutes)

Keeping what we’ve learned about the Gap in mind, let’s try a little something together. It takes just five minutes and it’s perfect for those moments where we might find ourselves feeling confused, or at a loss for what to do next …

  • There is usually a brief gap between one task coming to completion and a new task starting up. See if you can spot this tiny pause and stay with it for a moment.
  • Close your eyes and spend a moment exploring what it is like to be in this state of needlessness.
  • Where do you feel this phenomenon in your body?
  • When a new motivation or need arises, you’ll become aware of the next task you wish to complete. Notice where this begins in the body. Does this new impetus have an accompanying sensation?
  • Take a moment to consider the moment and marshal your troops. Then take informed action, embarking on the next task – whatever that may be for you.

This meditation is taken from my book Inhale. Exhale. Repeat which you can order here.

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