Beauty Spotting with Almodovar

I LOVE European cinema.

It’s interesting, unpredictable and a real sensory delight.

In particular I adore the movies of Spanish Director Pedro Almodovar. In his films the colours are rich, the music is passionate and the shots are so close and real. All this together brings a fantastic sense of immediacy and presence.

His movies ask questions about social and political life in Spain, and they can also be super duper risqué! For example, ‘I’m So Excited’ (Below on the BBC) and ‘Dark Habits’ – so be prepared!

His newer movies, say 1999 onwards, are fab and tell storylines of every day lives in rich colour and passion. He explores ideas of culture, nationality, family, individuality, sexuality all set to a back drop of gorgeous people chopping vegetables, singing, enjoying animated conversations and going to work – whether it be on an air line, a fishing boat or a bar.

Some of my more modern favourites are Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown, Volver (below) , All About My Mother and Broken Embraces.

He has a new film out this year which I’m really looking forward to seeing, ‘Pain and glory’

I recently saw a short interview with Almodovar and I found his suggestions for success very wise and authentic! I was also charmed by his account of how important it is to show the face, eyes and expressions up close. So close you feel as though you could touch the face of the actor though the screen.

You can watch it here in Spanish with subtitles:

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Happy watching, Venga!