Are you always thinking?  Always in your head?

The period of home retreat is slowly ending here in the UK and a funny thing is happening. As I meet more people IRL (in real life) I’m struck by how much more of them I can see compared to what I’d gotten used to seeing on video calls. It sounds obvious, but it’s funny to think how head-centric my experience of others (and myself) has been these past months.

Video calls focus exclusively on the head, face and maybe shoulders of both myself and the people I’m speaking with, but we know from psychology studies and our own observations that communication happens with the whole body not just the face. Couple this with our general tendency to overthink and the huge amount of information and communications that come our way at the moment, and it’s no surprise that life starts to feel top heavy.

It’s here that mindfulness can be a helpful balm as it encourages you to participate in life with your whole self. A great example of this is walking; as you head out for a stroll you can feel how your body moves an how you contact the ground, you get the scent of the cherry blossom and the sound of the birdsong, you feel the warm breeze on your cheeks and savour a hot takeaway coffee.

Making a conscious choice to spread your attention through your 5 senses like this can be quite the tonic. You drop from thinking about the world to sensing the world,

But attending to the 5 senses is just one pedagogical step on the journey inwards. Once you calm down and come to your senses, you then move beyond your personal perspective and worldly affairs and come to know a broader more expansive sense of being. You move from the 5 senses to the greater self. 

What have you found this past year of meeting mainly online?

We make this lovely journey every Wednesday morning in the live-stream sessions at Emma Mills London. On the surface we’re doing breath work, mindful noticing and a variety of other sweet meditations, but underneath we’re working our way back to whatever it is that matters most. Come and join me!

Last but not least, you’re invited to my special workshop ‘The 7 Energy Centres’ it’s tonight at 7.30pm UK time. Perhaps you’e already familiar with the 7 energy centres of the body, if so, this workshop will offer some new tools and ideas as well as being a nice reminder of what you’ve discovered so far. An hour or so to turn inwards and be cared for is so nourishing.  And if it’s brand new to you  – that’s very exciting too.

See you tonight at the workshop!