‘To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.’- Emily Dickinson. 

I love this quote from Emily. It makes me think of how real and incredible life is when I truly see it. 
It seems almost that in order to focus successfully on my day-to-day, I have to forgo or overlook the majesty of this incredible existence – lest it would simply take up all my time and nothing would get done.

Sometimes, when I do overlook it and I’m traveling around for meetings, writing and teaching, or cooking a meal or brushing my teeth….. all of a sudden a little patch of daisy’s in the concrete will catch my eye… or a tree will shine very brightly across the street.

They are like little calling cards. Peppered around the place. Little reminders of the marvellous splendour of this mad existence we all share. These reminders are everywhere really, not just in the shape of trees. But trees are a favourite of mine.

Spending time in nature is incredibly healing. If you are living in a city you could find your nearest, nicest local park, or a bench under a tree. I can’t remember a time that I didn’t feel lovelier after being near a little nature. No matter how small.