Training & Tuition

These past few years, I have spent a lot of time writing, which is great because I absolutely adore writing.

I loved putting together the book. It was such a magical experience. Especially for someone like me who is already mad about books. It's great to be able to contribute a verse, and give something back to the literary world that has nurtured me so well for so many years.

It's a fascinating and lengthy process of making a book. Much more than I realised. Every single illustration, graphic, icon, font, passage, poem, word, heading, illustration and colour was carefully chosen and put together along with the expert guidance of Sue and Laura, the editors at Penguin. And your feedback and support have been truly lovely, so thank you!

Alongside writing the book I've been busy creating articles for the blog here on Emma Mills London and making wellbeing and mindfulness resources for other organisations in my role as a consultant. 

Many of you have told me that you want to explore the ideas and practices we share here in writing,  in more depth. You want to meet up more often at events and take live classes and training so that you can make these ideas your own and enjoy the benefits to a greater degree.  

And I'd really like that too!

Meditation has become a mainstay in my own wellbeing and the central focus of my work for some years now. Alongside formal meditation practice (and when I say that, I mean those times when you sit down with your eyes closed) there are many other past times that go beautifully with meditation. For example, the appreciation of art and poetry, encountering the natural world, a healthy lifestyle and an awareness of personal psychology. When we have room to explore and the encouragement to embrace all of these we can create for ourselves a lifestyle of wellbeing, continued learning and celebration.

Over the years you've told me how much you enjoy my down to earth approach to meditation and asked if I’d start my own school or method offering my unique style of teaching.   I’ve been reluctant to lay my way of working down as a method because I just love evolving and growing. I find sometimes that defining or putting a method or model on things can concretise them and take away from the aliveness inherent in their continued uncovery.

Every class consists of small spontaneously generated responses or techniques, and they are almost impossible to generate in advance. The flow of each session forever follows unanticipated roads. With new methods, new techniques appearing in response, and in concert with each new client. 

I have spent quite some time now reflecting, and carefully putting together the training and study resources for the work stemming from my new non-method method. ( 😀 ) And I'm really looking forward to introducing you to my first offerings from that place, a 4-day training called Presence In Practice and a new wellness class which is currently running in the Midlands. 

I am so enjoying spending more time together this year!

If you have any comments or questions about my work, how it might fit in with your life and the training please do leave me a note below or get in touch via email -

Best wishes