Welcome to The 7 Wonders of The Inner World* 

A new personal discovery journey designed by meditation and wellbeing author Emma Mills BSc. 

With work, home, social life, and world affairs all wanting your attention, it’s no wonder the inner world sometimes goes unnoticed. Yet this inner world of yours is incredibly rich, beautiful and so easy to get to ( zero travel time!) Think of your inner world as being peppered with wonders like creativity, inner strength, intuition and focus, in the same way the outer world is peppered with beauty hotspots like the Italian Riviera or the Himalayan Mountains.

The aim of this personal discovery journey is to highlight your 7 Wonders, and give you the toolkit to make the most of them. You’ll get video lectures, audio meditations and PDF worksheets, packed with literary tips, practical self help tools, recipes, cutting edge science, as well as ancient wisdom from the fields of meditation, mindfulness and philosophy..

Over the 7 modules we’ll dive deep into the following wonders:

  4. LOVE 
  7. BEING 

You might already feel drawn to some Wonders more than others. For example, perhaps you’re quite grounded but feel drawn to the advanced meditations in Wonders 6 and 7.   Or maybe you’re already really creative but want to strengthen your inner fire and self expression with Wonders 3 and 5.

Whichever wonder speaks to you the most, it is without a doubt a truly exciting time to be looking within. This video course is thorough and comprehensive and you’ll complete it  with a deep sense of the 7 Wonders within you, how they are in any given moment and knowledge and awareness of what to do to bring each of them into greater harmony.

The 7 Wonders is the flower of my work and thinking over the past four years since writing Inhale. Exhale. Repeat and I very much look forward to seeing you on the course and sharing the 7Ws together this Autum / Winter and beyond