For Every Inside There's An Outside.....

Thank you to everyone who sent in their meditation feedback this past month. It is so inspiring to read what you have been up to! Here is one (bellow) from a super smart business owner in East London who I absolutely LOVED working with.

The goings on of a persons life circumstances reflect the constitution and tone, shall we say, of their mind. Quite often when things hit the fan it seems easier to focus on remedying the outside parts of life. Things like changing your diet, your job, your house, your country of residence, your daily routine or your husband... It's easier to try to change these outer parts of life because they are exactly that, outer. They are external and they seem more tangible. In the words of the poet Naomi Shihab Nye says, "you have pieces to pick up,
something to hold in your hands, like ticket stubs or change".

Sometimes making a change at that level, the level of outer things, is whats needed. If you get a flat tire, you need to phone the AA.

But more often than not, change that takes place solely at the outer level can be quite, effortful and strenuous. Focussing only on the outside parts of life, is tantamount to polishing the mirror and wondering why the reflection never changes.

At the level of the ultimate there isn't really an inside and an outside (consciousness is unitive), that said, if you learn how to change the inner landscape, it will be the difference that makes all the difference.

If you run a business, be it a small local practice or a large corporation, Meditation will stand you in incredible stead. I'll be writing a little more on this topic in this weeks newsletter so be sure to sign up at the link bellow. If you have any questions about meditation in the context of work and business please email me as I will try to include as many of them as I can in the blog post this week. ( I will keep your name and email private)

Lots of love and peace,
Thank you to everyone who continues to join me in this meditation journey today and over the past years. I am so grateful of your support and friendship and for all the amazing quotes and articles you send me!


"I was keen to focus on meditation after struggling with it for many years and I came across Emma's website online.
Emma has a great way of teaching and had a very impressive way of explaining things both clearly and simply.
It was also apparent that she adapts her approach taking into account that each and every client Emma works with is unique and has their own specific aim in terms of what they wish to achieve.
I would highly recommend Emma's services and I am now meditating regularly and the benefits are great!"
- Jean Reuseaux, Co-Founder & Entrepreneur, City Of London.…