Visiting Lourdes in France on my
bike tour of france in 2017. 
Apparently, the water from it’s
springs is blessed and many people
gather there to drink it.

Are you blessed? According to research reported by Forbes magazine grateful people experience fewer aches and pains, feel healthier and happier experiencing less regret, resentment and frustration.

Practicing gratitude also increases empathy, self esteem, kindness, sporting performance, sleep quality and mental strength.

A simple way to try it for yourself is to count your blessings each day by writing them in a note book or in the notes section of your smart phone.

Ie: ‘Monday: waking up in a warm bed’ ‘Tuesday: breakfast in bed’ ( Ok, wishful thinking)

Why not give it a try. Make a point to note down your various blessings big or little, every day for a week and on Sunday revisit the things you’ve noted.

It’s a good way to train your mind to focus on the good, even if you’ve had a tough day.