26 ways to invigorate yourself and others using poetry.

I put poetry books on the table when I’m doing a dinner party or lunch and they make such a lovely, unexpected addition. But poems aren’t just the preserve of dinner parties, they can liven up all corners of the day. Here are a few suggestions…

  • First thing in the morning, with a cup of tea 
  • On the train 
  • On your tea break 
  • At your team meeting. ( Save yourself from extreme boredom and lift everyone else’s spirits while you’re at it!)
  • Births, marriages and most traditional celebrations. 
  • Baby showers,  babysitting or while entertaining young people.  ( Why not get creative and write a poem? Try my ‘mindful haiku’ activity at EmmaMillsLondon.com
  • At yoga, meditation or mindfulness class
  • In the bath (I recommend Sujata Bhatt ‘Love In The Bathtub’ if bathing with a lover, or ‘Morning Glory‘ by Gerald Bullett (1949) if having a luxury lone bath.
  • On a hot date
  • When writing a love letter,  friendship note or thank you card
  • At the dinner table before or after a meal. Don’t forget to read it out loud, a poem works well as both an aperitif and an after-dinner mint.
  • At house parties and family gatherings. (Sit everyone down and take it in turns to read poems aloud to one another. Also, experiment  with using your voice in new ways!)
  • Housewarmings
  • To children at bedtime
  • On New Year’s Eve after the bells rings
  • At the top of a hill, while out on a New Year’s Day walk
  • Turned into a text message (or a voice note)  and sent to a friend 🌹 

But where should you start if you’re relatively new to the world of poetry, or perhaps looking to freshen up your collection? Take a look at the book reviews here at Emma Mills London for book inspiration!