Zen Themed Gift Ideas

Meditation, mindfulness and inner peace inspiring gifts to share with loved ones. 

Just last week a friend  told me that she’d be buying a copy of my book for all her loved ones this year as part of her ‘zen’ xmas theme.

What a sweet idea!

She suggested I take up the theme, and share it with you here on the blog so that you might find a little inspiration for giving gifts of inner peace this season. I hope you enjoy them!

I have been giving inner peace and wellbeing related gifts to friends and family for many years. In the main it works really well and I have found that they can be enjoyed by both men and women, and by people of varying personal taste.  After all, who doesn’t like to be happy!

I hope you enjoy this small zen themed gift list,

with love,




1  A Meditation guide book:  ‘Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. A meditation Handbook for every party of your day’, by Emma Mills  (March 2017, Ebury Press).  This small illustrated book is filled with friendly, simple ideas to help you get into meditation. It’s set over the course of a 24 hour day, teaching you how to find peace in each part of your day. From waking up in bed, to being at work, to time spent alone at home or socialising and going out. If you want to bring a greater sense of inner peace to your daily life, this little book is a really great way in.

Inhale Exhale Repeat Ebury Press


2 An Aromatherapy spritz: Neom Organics Pillow Mist is my favourite aromatherapy spray. It is designed to be spritzed over your pillow at bed time to aid a good nights sleep. I quite like to carry this bottle around with me during the day. I use it to scent the meditation classes I teach and to scent myself or my office. I also take it camping in the warmer months to make the tent into a little wellness haven. Whenever I spray it  people ask me what the lovely smell is. It’s lavender, chamomile, patchouli and more and it’s absolutely beautiful. As an alternative to the aromatherapy spray, you might also like the Neom tranquillity candle.



3 A note book: Each new notebook is like a mini fresh start. You can write down your reflections, ideas and inspirations, recipes you like, or reminders to call friends. Writing your thoughts and feelings down can help you to reorganise your feelings and interpretations, and help to reduce stress. 



4. A tiny book of poems: Poems are highly inspiring and if you pick the right ones they can offer you a little quick dose of inner peace wherever you are. Not everyone is overly familiar with poems and so you might like to introduce a small easy going book of poems,  by a well known author and publisher to start with. The Penguin Little Black Classics (try Yeats, Basho, or William Blake) are perfect stocking fillers and gifts. Many of them start from 99p.




5. Herbal Tea: Sitting down to a health giving cup of herbal tea is excellent inner peace practice. You can have tea for two, and share with a friend, or enjoy a nice quiet bit of me time at home. Loose leaf teas can be highly fragrant and flavoursome. Loose leaf jasmine and darjeeling (<the champagne of teas) are two of my favourites. For those of us who enjoy the ease of a tea bag, try Dragonfly Teas Jade Orchid Green Tea — totally gorgeous. (This is the tea we shared during our literary meditation at The Idler Academy this Spring)  Also very nice is the Pukka tea called ‘Relax‘. 




6. Nature Documentaries: Love Nature is a subscription service on the internet. For a small fee each month you can watch stunning nature documentaries and fascinating wildlife series. I discovered Love Nature last month after winning a subscription to the website in a competition I had entered at The Good Life Experience. Lucky me! Experience planet earth at its best. Gift it to a friend, or try it free for 1 month, then £3.99 per month. 



7. A peace lilly. Plants and flowers and excellent for inspiring a sense of inner peace and calm. Peace lilies are an indoor leafy plant that grow well all year round. You can usually find a peace lily at your local garden centre for a small price. They are easy to care for and very lovely to be around. 




You can find my zen themed gift selection on Amazon. I have also included the links to each brands website bellow. Feel free to repost the blog, and share with your loved ones if you think they might like to have a zen theme too. 


1.’Inhale Exhale Repeat’ Meditation Book

2.Neom Pillow Mist

3. Note books  

4.Penguin Classic Miniatures 

5.Herbal teas – Dragonfly Jade Orchid & Pukka Calm Tea

6. Love Nature Documentary Service 

7. Peace lilly


Zen Themed Gift Ideas

Meditation, mindfulness and inner peace inspiring gifts to share with loved ones.