Working From Home? Here’s A Lovely Set Up For a Day at Your Desk

Here’s a lovely set up for a day at your desk, an adapted extract from the work section of my meditation book ‘Inhale. Exhale. Repeat’

You can adapt it to suit your working set up, so that whether you’re working from your kitchen table, your lap, a desk or someplace else, you can create a great environment for creative work to blossom.

You’ll need:

  • A tea pot with herbal teas aplenty. Try fresh chocolate mint for focus and chamomile flowers for calm.
  • A note book for ideas so you can stay on task while retaining your wonderful ideas.
  • A small poetry anthology to dip into for a new perspective. ( Or a little book of nature pictures)
  • A beautiful indoor plant to accompany you at your desk. Lemon balm hasa great scent and works well in full shade or sunlight.
  • A healthy lunchbox or home made lunch option you’re looking forward to eating.
  • Cosy socks you can pop on for those moments when you want to meditate at your desk. Having special socks or a lovely sweater for the occasion can help you make the transition to relaxing mode in the midst of a busy work day.
  • A natural room fragrance to help your workspace smell like an aromatherapy haven.

TIP: As you spritz your room fragrance around your desk, and perhaps beyond, set the intention that you have for the day. For example, it might be: ‘Today, I’m creating a space for creativity, focus and collaboration.’

You can listen to Emma reading the Al Desko Mini meditation here, and try it out for herself the next time you need a refresh at your desk