The Face Of Emotion How Botox Affects Mood.

The idea that emotions and feelings are triggered by the body rather than the other way around seems counter intuitive. But that is what performance psychology has been saying this month via the New Scientist magazine.

Antonio Demasio neurobiologist says emotions begin with actions- rapid heart rate for example, and lead to emotions, the sensation of anxiety and fear, shyness or blushing. Those of you that have experience of panic and anxiety with be familiar with this counter intuitive ‘Body  Loop’.  The mind follows the body. But never fear, you could play around with your emotions just by experimenting with your body. 

Finzis Botox

In his recent publication Finzi explores the relations of this to our facial expressions. He describes one person who had severe depression for 13 years- until they had Botox which removed their ability to frown.  Many similar successful cases are noted.

While this is research well in need of further work, it does give you a good idea of the effect your body and face have on your emotions.

It might be, that other people respond more positively to the Botoxed person, who seems surprised, content and peaceful. And this social kudos in turn boosts their mood.

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Emma Mills