Take Your Morning Meditation On Holiday

A morning Meditation for the Summer

I have a new travel aid, and it’s one of a kind.  It doesn’t take up luggage allowance and it’s impossible to leave behind – or loose. It never drags it’s feet, or rushes me. It doesn’t overfill the plate at the buffet, nor does it follow me around the duty free nipping at my elbow and plucking the purse strings like a woeful harpist. What’s more, conversation is a doddle for it speaks the universal language of love. It really is the perfect traveling companion.

Whether you are jetting away or heading into the garden, here are my top tips for introducing morning meditation into your holiday period.

1. Start early.

Early morning meditations are perfect because your brain is fresh out of deep sleep and ultra receptive. Wake up and get straight to it, it really is a lovely way to start the day. Perhaps use the holiday as a chance to get into Mantra meditation. 

2. Be outdoors.

Take full advantage of the balmy summer mornings and go outside to meditate. Both vitamin D  and communing with nature can really work a treat to lift your mood and regulate your hormones. (Be sure to stay safe, wear sunscreen or a hat etc)


Emma Mills Sunrise MEditations

I like to meditate in the garden in the summer, early in the morning. Sometimes I catch the sunrise.


3. Have a plan.

Choose one or two meditational activities that you like and intend to take them on holiday with you. For example: breathing exercises, mindful eating, visualisation, poetry. (You might like this book because it is full of simple meditations for different times of day.)

Have the intention that you will spend 5-10 minutes with them each morning. When you know how long it will last and what you will be doing, it can help things seem more effortless and simple.

4. Handy helpers


While you only need yourself and good intentions to meditate on holiday it can be nice to take an aromatherapy spritz, a guided meditation album and a book of poems to help ease you in. ( here is a small list of other meditation helpers)

Sunrise Meditations  

1.Spritz of essential oils from Neom Organics (Brazilian rosewood is my favourite and the scent we use at class)

2.Read a few pages from a really positive and uplifting book. My current obsession is Mary Oliver, New and Selected Poems: v. 1

3. The Relax Meditation Kit (this is an audio meditation album)

5. Walk slowly

If you want to do something a little more active, you will love Open Walking. Head out for a mindful, joyful walk. This time it’s not because you have to get somewhere, it’s simply for the joy of walking and feeling alive. 

6. Be 100% on holiday

There is a wonderful Haiku by Basho;

“Even in Kyoto

I long for Kyoto”

You could interpret this poem in many ways. For your holidays let’s use it as a gentle reminder to enjoy the moment. Often even in times of great peace and happiness the mind still worries about where its next happiness meal is coming from. If you find that your minds preoccupation for the future (desires, worries and thoughts) are taking you out of the moment, it might help to gently revisit these 2 lines from Basho.

I do hope you enjoyed this morning meditation for the holidays and that it might inspire you to enjoy a little calm from time to time while on your travels.

I’m on Instagram & Twitter @emmamillslondon so come and join me if you want to see what i’m up to on my holidays and in my life teaching meditation. 

Happy Summer