David Lynch,

“Little fish swim on the surface- big ones swim down below.”


1. Meditate

Meditate, meditate, meditate….…meditate!

Inside all of us is a deep, deep well of inspiration. A spring of latent, unmanifest potential just waiting for you to take a big swig and bring those great ideas to fruition. The more you meditate, keep the line free and learn to swim in this vast, deep river of potential, the wider it grows and the easier it becomes to draw from it.

2. Read outside your field.

And Mix with people you wouldn’t normally spend time with.

If you work in fashion, go for coffee with the local accountant. If you work in politics, take the florist out for lunch. Variety is the spice of life and there are so many ways of looking at things.

3. Risk

It’s quite common to fear failure or rejection, yet sometimes it’s a risk worth taking for a taste of true creative spirit.

4. Keep doing what you’ve got to do.

One of my all time favourite poets, Rainer Maria Rilke, once said ‘Only be a poet if you have to.’ If you’ve got poetry in you, as sure as eggs are eggs, the poems will want to come out.  You can’t not be a poet. That’s not to say that you’ll end up becoming a poet for your job or that you’ll write poems forever, just that they want to be expressed, now.  If you’ve got recipes in you, they will also want to come out because the creative spirit always seeks avenues for expression. Rilke Poetry quote


5. Refine your instrument

How easily you’re able to express your ideas depends on how refined your talents are in in any given medium. For example, you may see fantastic images in your mind but without technical skills you may struggle to paint them with a brush in the way you would most like. Listen to what comes into you in unguarded moments and then aquire the skills you need to bring those ideas to fruition. 

6. Get lost in nature

The natural world gives you the opportunity to connect with a creative energy that is wholly beautiful and intelligent. If you want to be a more successful creator in any capacity- walks in nature are wonderful. 

7. Listen

Be yourself and let the things you create take on your unique fragrance. Just think how many times the sunset has been painted, written about or photographed – yet every time it turns out different. There is no one else who can create in the way you can. 


So there you go. 7 insights into creativity. I do hope you found them thought provoking and motivational. Shall we end on a note from the poet Hafiz?


You need to become a pen
In the Sun´s hand.
We need for the earth to sing
Through our pores and eyes.
The body will again become restless
Until your soul paints all its beauty
Upon the sky.

Poem Via Poem Hunter