New: Guided Meditations Available Now. Focus, The Morning, De-stress and Mindful Eating Meditations


There are now 5 new audio meditation albums available. They are:

  • Focus
  • The Morning
  • De-Stress
  • Being In Nature
  • Mindful Eating

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Many of you requested that the new meditation audios featured a little bit of dialogue or discussion on certain key ideas. Rather than, as is conventionally the case, having an album made solely of guided meditations. 

I hope you will really enjoy the mix of guided meditations and little talks on several key subjects that you have told me are important in your lives. 

The Morning features a template meditation that you can do in ten minutes every morning.  It also has a discussion on key mindfulness themes brought up by Harold Munro's poem 'Living' (I’ve included a little bit of it below)


Here's a new day. O Pendulum move slowly! 

My usual clothes are waiting on their peg. 

I am alive – this I. 

And in a moment Habit, like a crane, 

Will bow its neck and dip its pulleyed cable, 

Gathering me, my body, and our garment, 

And swing me forth, oblivious of my question, 

Into the daylight – why? 

I think of all the others who awaken, 

And wonder if they go to meet the morning 

More valiantly than I; 


It's a totally awesome poem!!  It manages to speak to both the 'Oh god, not another day' point of view and the 'Woohoo! I'm alive let’s go get ‘em!’ perspective. 

The stress album features several new meditations plus guiding perspectives inspired by Roman emporer and philsopher Marcus Aurelius. The Focus album explores simple meditations to focus the mind, explorative dialogue on the value of expansion v's focus and a little bit of inspiration from Allen Ginsbergs 'Wales Visitation'. The Nature album has severla simple and lifting activities you can do while interacting with the natural world as well as a dialogue inspired by an amazing little bit of prose by Mark Rutherford. 

Thank you for our support and your enthusiasm on this path of enquiry and learning!

If you have any special requests for blog posts or audio albums please leave a comment below letting me know so I can continue to create offerings that support you.

Happy new year and wishing you all the best!



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